10 Celebrities Who Have Shocking Criminal Records

As indicated by an ongoing report, almost one out of three Americans have a criminal record. That implies that you know somebody who has been captured and you most likely know more than one. The universe of famous people is extremely the same in such manner — you know a portion of the celebs that have been captured, for example, OJ Simpson and 50 Cent. You have likely overlooked some celebs who seem, by all accounts, to be squeaky clean, however are in truth not as spotless as one would anticipate. Look at our rundown of 10 celebs who have stunning criminal records and let us know which ones astounded you the most.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is one of those folks that resembles he’s still in secondary school so it’s somewhat astonishing that he was captured for cocaine ownership. He was seized in 2010 with 2.6 grams of coke. To exacerbate the situation, at the season of his capture he clearly played the “do you know my identity?” card.


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