10 Controversies Related to the Death of Marilyn Monroe

10 Controversies Related to the Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the famous American actress is a symbol of beauty and stardom. Leading a life of an orphan, her roots changed routes when she was just 16 years of age. She started her modelling career and began to be identified as the most popular “sex symbol” of the 1950’s. After leading a life with several ups and downs, her death too did not pacify her struggle. Her unnatural death at the age of 35, digged out a greater controversy and is still an affair of uneasy suspense.

1. The unresolved mystry

As theories go on and controversies swell up high, Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains an unsolved puzzle. Contrary to the other theories, Monroe’s suicide is another among them. When she was found lying dead on her bed with barbiturate overdose, the first thought that came to most of their minds was that she had killed herself. A bottle of sleeping pills was also discovered by her side and nobody knew from where it had come.


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