We all have goals that need to be achieved in our lives. In our work life, there are things we put forward to achieving. Financially, there is always that one or several things that you look forward to accomplishing. But what of our relationship life? Do we have its goals?

Relationship goals are vital for a budding relationship since they give it a new direction. Additionally, sharing same goals will put both partners in the same lane, and each will be able to know what exactly the other likes or dislikes. When you have common goals, you are able to know what is expected of you, and this will give your relationship a chance to survive the unpredictable love life. Here are 10 most inspiring relationship goals you can try out.

Open and honest communication

When a new relationship kicks off, it just a matter of getting to know your other half and spending time wondering if the relationship will survive the tides of time. In such times, it�s very easy for a new relationship to develop a communication glitch. Have you ever found yourself avoiding to text your partner until he/she initiates the conversation? The silent game can be played for weeks until either one decides to end it. This is where silly excuses start pouring in. �I was too busy to text.�

Were you busy the whole week? For any relationship to last, good communication is key.


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