10 Personality Traits in Women That Men Simply Love

10 Personality Traits in Women That Men Simply Love

It is no surprise any more that men are as choosy as women in selecting their life partners. Even when it comes to casual dating, men have their own set of traits that they consider valuable in women, and no, it is not always about the looks. While physical attractiveness certainly plays a role in a man being drawn towards a woman, he usually looks beyond those pouty lips and flowing hair, to things that matter the most, those are, personality traits. Here are some of the characteristics that are important to men when looking for the woman of their dreams.

1. A Good Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

While it is a well-known fact in the dictionary of dating that women prefer men with a strong sense of humor, the mysterious truth is that it works the other way around as well. Men tend to lean towards women who can make or take a joke, and even convert serious situations in life into something hilarious. It becomes more important for men who themselves have a humor-filled character, as they often find it easier to share a joke with their light-hearted other halves.

2. Humility Builds the Foundation of The Relationship

Men find it hard to connect with women who have their noses in the air. This is when egos clash, and make relationships difficult. On the other hand, humble women are found to be more compassionate, not just towards men but also towards other fellow human beings. This compassion helps men lay the foundation blocks of a solid relationship.

3. Ambition and a Life of Their Own Makes Women Attractive

Gone are those days when men cared to get women to stand by them as pillars while they took on the world. Men of this decade are more attracted to women who have aspirations of their own. Relationships are built on teamwork, and men find it easier to share the success as the two partners go get the world together. There is also a different level of understanding and balance that comes with having a partner who has their own life.

4. A Confident Woman Is Easy to Partner With

Most women find it difficult to accept themselves the way they are, and are constantly finding faults with either their appearance or their behavior, much to the chagrin of men who simply do not care about every little flaw. A woman who can hold her head high despite her shortcomings is easier to talk to and be friends with. Yes, men look for friendship in a relationship, too.

5. Affection Is A Quality That Is Never Overdone

It is not just women who like their partners to be affectionate. Men might not often say it, but they appreciate women who can hold their hands, give them a random hug, and generally be open about their feelings.

6. Values and Principles Form the Core of Conversation

Men find it easier to talk to women who share similar values and principles. Often, values and principles formed in a person are the result of the way in which they have been brought up. Hence, men tend to look for women with similar upbringing or family backgrounds.

7. That Intelligence Quotient Is Important After All

Women who know and understand the world are often attractive to men, for they can initiate and hold on to intelligent conversations, and take the correct decisions in life when faced with a challenge. Presence of mind, understanding, and the right mix of wit and practicality are some of the characteristics that men look for in women.

8. Good Communication Builds Strong Understanding

Men are not known to be communication experts, which is why they often expect their lady to take the lead here. However, most women make the mistake of communicating from behind the veil, which means they are not straightforward with their statements, and that puts men off. Women need to communicate exactly what they want, without expecting that he will understand unsaid emotions. A good listener in a woman is also much sought after.

9. Opinionated Women Make Excellent Long-Term Partners

Men get turned off by women who nod at everything they say or do. While picking an argument on each topic is not what they are looking for, a healthy difference of opinion often helps form a strong bond. Women with their own opinions are considered real people of the world, and become quite dependable in the long run.

10. Authentic Character Makes A Relationship Tick

Women often tend to be pretentious when visiting or going out with men. They hide their real personalities behind the veil of their makeup and an outward sense of attractiveness. They leave behind the real girl, the one who their closest friends and family members can identify with. Men do not need that. They expect their women to be of genuine character, and present themselves just the way they are.

The Rules Are Simple Enough

Men are really not that difficult to please if women just get some of the basic things right. The most important of all these things is grounded in the fact that men want their women to just be who they are. They are aware that no one is perfect, and also, physical attractiveness fades over time. If lifelong companionship is what men are looking for, their women simply have to be natural and genuine, without trying it too hard.



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