10 Psychological Problems That Can Arise In Adult Life Because Of Incorrect Parental Behavior

10 Psychological Problems That Can Arise In Adult Life Because Of Incorrect Parental Behavior.

How we act as adults have much to do with how we are brought up as children. What many parents fail to understand is the fact that incorrect parenting behavior can create psychological problems in children that can be permanent. This is why one should be careful in dealing with children where a parent should not be overprotective at the same time not be inconsiderate. There should be a balance of discipline and care to cultivate the proper values in a child and provide them with a sense of security that will help them grow as confident human beings. Here are ten such psychological problems faced by incorrect parenting.

1.Excess anxiety depression and lack of independence

The above problems are usually caused by helicopter parenting. Parents who are always placing their child’s every move under scrutiny much like the surveillance in a jail. It borders on being overprotective to the extent of being like a watchdog and will definitely create such psychological problems in a child. If you as an adult can do anything on your own without calling your parents, you were most probably brought up this way.

What is helicopter parenting?

The best description of helicopter parenting was a line from a book “Between Parent and Teenager” by Dr. Haim Ginott. In the book, a teen complains about his mother saying “Mother hovers over me like a helicopter.” A helicopter parent is also known as a cosseting parent who pays too much attention to their children and keeps hovering around them like a helicopter. As such this makes the child dependent upon the parents even in adult life.


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