10. Strange Piercings You Probably Haven’t Seen.

10. Strange Piercings You Probably Haven’t Seen.

1.) He Holds The World Record For Most Piercings On The Face.

You might have seen some of the strange piercings in this post. Hopefully a few of these photos are new to you. Piercings are one of those things that can add to a persons image. They can make a person look more beautiful, weird, crazy or gross. It does not matter though, piercings are always interesting to look at. That’s what I like most about piercings, is looking at them :D.  So I respect people who can endure the pain to show their self-expressions through piercings. I hope you enjoy this gallery!

This is Axel Rosales from Argentina. Since February 2012 he has held the world record for most facial piercings. As of today he has over 280 facial piercings. SOURCE.


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