12 Dinners You Can Make in a Muffin Tin

12 Dinners You Can Make in a Muffin Tin.

Chances are, that muffin tin you’ve got hanging around has some seriously untapped potential. They may be designed to bake up batches of muffins and cupcakes, but as it turns out, your muffin tin can (and should) be a pretty clutch dinner tool, too.

My foray into the world of muffin tin dinners happened the way most of my culinary obsessions in college did: via Pinterest. Mini crustless quiches got me through many busy, late nights, and muffin tin turkey lasagnas became the ultimate comfort food to pair alongside a simple side salad.

Unlike many of the Pinterest cooking trends I got into—and let’s be real, there were many—muffin tin dinners are still a go-to. I love that they’re so easy to make ahead for meal prep, and many muffin-sized creations freeze like a dream. And because they automatically freeze individually, having them on-hand means you’ll always have a perfect last-minute dinner solution for one person. As another bonus, they’ve got portion control built right in.

These 12 recipes just might turn you into a convert—trust me, you’ll never look at your muffin tin the same way again.

1.Mini Vegetable Lasagnas

The edges of these mini lasagnas are deliciously crispy, while the insides are as chewy and cheesy as lasagna should be.


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