15 Heartwarming Quotes About Life and Love

15 Heartwarming Quotes About Life and Love

Life and love are two separate, important parts that are intertwined and complement each other. Love makes life worth living. A life without love is meaningless, empty, difficult and worthless. Love gives us a reason to live and wake up each morning with hope, anticipation and a smile. This love could come from parents, siblings, relatives, friends, your lover or partner, as well as the people that surround you (neighbors or community). Love is a beautiful thing regardless of its source or where it’s coming from.

Life can be very hard and difficult to go through but a bit of love in the midst of a storm will stop the pain. In a world where we seem to be racing against time and working so hard that we forget to actually live and enjoy life, love reminds us that at the end of it all, we are still human and we need care, affection and attention. It is said that love makes the world go round and this statement couldn’t be truer.

1. Mistakes are memories


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