15 Unbelievable Photos Of Walmart Shoppers On Black Friday

15 Unbelievable Photos Of Walmart Shoppers On Black Friday.

The craziness doesn’t end there, however. Not only will shoppers go to such great lengths for their new plasma TV or that laptop Johnny needs for college, there are also outrageous stories, pictures and videos from Black Friday sprees that are downright unbelievable. Every year someone is trampled to death when the doors are opened, like Mufasa under the hooves of the wildebeests in The Lion King. Fights break out, workers are besieged by customers, tug-of-war matches for a hot item erupt. It all seems like some dystopian future where a reality star can be president and the Cubs can win a World Series…

Oh. Right. Well, here are fifteen insane pictures of Black Friday shoppers. Some of these stories are humorous, but some are downright chilling. Stay safe out there on November 25th, folks.

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