28 Clever (But Somewhat Lazy) Parenting Tips

28 Clever (But Somewhat Lazy) Parenting Tips

Parenting is hard, so you might as well try to make it as easy as you possibly can!

It’s no secret that parenting is a difficult job. No matter how many kids you decide to have or what varying ages they may be, it really doesn’t get any easier. Luckily, ingenious parents have thought up clever ways to relieve some of the stress.

These expert parents have passed down pretty nifty ideas to get through all difficult scenarios, from keeping kids busy on an airplane to making their toys less noisy. Here are 28 of the best ones. Get ready, because your job just got a whole lot easier!

1. Save yourself some time and effort with a microwave steamerthat works magic to soften vegetables to make baby purees.


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