30 Age Appropriate Chores Your Kids Can Do!

30 Age Appropriate Chores Your Kids Can Do!

With so much that we all need to get done around the house each week, who wouldn’t think that assigning some of these tasks to our kids in terms of a “chore” is a good idea? I mean — we all would like to have a little extra help, right? But the reality of kids and chores (speaking for myself anyway), is that to get kids to do a task, and do it right, requires regular adult instruction and supervision. Which means that you aren’t exactly freeing up your time to do something else … at least- not right away.

But teaching kids how to empty the dishwasher, make their beds, fold and put away laundry are all important life lessons that they need to master someday. Not to mention our kids should also learn how to prepare a meal, mow the lawn, and do simple repairs around the house like changing lightbulbs and unclogging toilets (hey — I’d settle for them learning how to change the empty toilet paper tube!) before they become fully functioning adults. (We owe this much to their future spouses, don’t we?)

So let’s talk about age-appropriate chores for kids. What chores should they be doing and what age? And should we tie chores to rewards such as allowances? We’ll see what the experts have to say!

Chores for Kids Ages 2-5

  • Clean up toys, books, etc
  • Dust furniture
  • Dress themselves
  • Put clothes in the hamper
  • Take dirty clothes to the laundry room
  • Help set the table for meals
  • Clear plate after meals
  • Feed pets

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