6 Scrumptious Meals You Can Cook in a Dishwasher (Yes, You Read That Right)

6 Scrumptious Meals You Can Cook in a Dishwasher (Yes, You Read That Right)

Image of Lisa Casali via Fine Dining Lovers The idea of cooking salmon in your dishwasher is a pretty well known kitchen parlor trick that, by itself, ends up wasting a lot of power and water. However, in a recent NPR segment, a pioneering food writer of dishwashing cuisine named Lisa Casali says she has figured out a trendy new way of using heat sealed containers—such as canning jars and food vacuum bags—to cook all her food while cleaning a full rack of dirty dishes. Talk about multitasking… Suddenly cooking with your dishwasher doesn’t sound so crazy. Instead, it’s actually an economical, and not to mention, environmentally friendly way to cook. It will also keep your house cooler (no running oven) and you won’t have to watch over it or worry about burning your meal. We’ve rounded up a small sample of six meals that you could be throwing into your dishwasher right now!

Dill Lemon Cream Salmon

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Poached salmon can be particularly tricky if you’re not closely watching the temperature. Cooking it in a dishwasher, however, is as simple as setting dishwasher to a normal 50-minute wash cycle according to this recipe the Los Angeles Times reprinted in 1970s. Before putting your fish packet onto the dishwasher rack though, you’ll want to fill the pouch full of aromatics like lemon, dill, peppercorns, and a sprig of parsley.


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