7 Balance Moves for Active Agers

7 Balance Moves for Active Agers

ACE’s new Senior Fitness Manual consolidates the latest research for those who train the active aging market. While there are three primary groups of people over 50 (fragile, healthy, elite), this article focuses on the healthy group—the independent, self-efficacious individuals capable of standing and walking. Part 1 of this series featured a 30-minute workout that included some of the best movements for improving physical and mental activities of daily life with the active aging population.

The following moves and games, which emphasize standing balance games for the lower and upper body and core, and can be completed in fewer than 20 minutes, enable you to expand the workout to a more comprehensive movement series. If any particular task proves too difficult, skip it and focus only on your client’s successes.

1. Side “X” Balance Reach (Frontal Plane) (4 minutes)

Stand on the right leg and lean the entire body toward the right. Abduct the right shoulder toward the sky and abduct the left hip just a bit so it loses contact with the floor. The body makes half of an “X” shape. Touch down as needed with the left toes. Continue trying to balance on this side for up to two minutes and then change sides.


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