8 Beauty and Fashion Blogs to Follow in This Year

8 Beauty and Fashion Blogs to Follow in This Year

Fashion and beauty trends are constantly evolving-so much so that it can be a challenge to keep up with it all! And, developing your own personal style is also an ever-changing journey. Although I never adopt a fashion or beauty trend just because someone says that it’s “in”-I do like to get ideas and adjust my style to beauty trends that I find appealing from beauty and fashion blogs.

So, what’s the best way to not only stay on top of emerging fashion and beauty trends, but to pick up valuable tips and tricks from those in the know? I find my best inspirations come from following beauty and fashion blogs that I’ve come to trust and rely on. I can not only find out what’s hot, but I can also pick up make up and style tips, as well as learn new ways to put together fashionable looks from beauty and style bloggers.

I’ve put together a list of 8 fashion and beauty blogs that, if they aren’t already on your radar, should be for 2016. Not only do they cover hot trends, but they are also full of style tips and tricks that anyone can apply-not just the fashion forward.

I Covet Thee

Beauty and fashion blogger Alix Coburn dishes the pros and cons of the latest beauty, skincare, and makeup products out there. She creates great content, including in-depth looks at her personal skincare routine, in-depth product reviews, and plenty of hair, makeup, and style tips. With excellent photos and a fun vibe, ICovetThee.com is a must for anyone interested in beauty and style.


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