America’s Next Top Model Contestant Jael Strauss, 34, Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Jael Strauss is seeking after a supernatural occurrence.

A week ago, the previous competitor from America’s Next Top Model reported to her online networking devotees that she was as of late determined to have a forceful type of bosom malignancy.

“I was going to keep in touch with some long thing yet some of you all have the right to know,” Strauss, 34, composed on Facebook, only four days into Breast Cancer Awareness month. “On October second I was determined to have arrange IV bosom growth. It has forcefully spread all through my body and is hopeless.”

Strauss, who later affirmed that the name of her disease was quickly dynamic metastatic incendiary bosom malignancy, clarified that experiencing chemotherapy and treatment may help broaden her specialists’ unique visualization.

Jael Strauss during her time on ANTM in 2007


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