Bizarre Human Body World Records You Seriously Won’t Believe

Bizarre Human Body World Records You Seriously Won’t Believe

Some weird world records are just too bizarre to really wrap your head around. Besides the fame, why else would you get pierced thousands of times, or grow your fingernails so long they’re unusable? Well, for whatever reason, there are some world record holders that specifically use their body as a means of gaining fame. Some of these people are frightening, some are fascinating, and some are just impressive. You’ll have to decide for yourself which record-holders you think fit into which category.

For this body world records list, the subjects seem to be of one of two types: either their bodies were modified in some extreme way, or they were just born with unusual characteristics and gifts. From men who can run on all-fours to women with a little (okay, a lot) more facial hair than usual, get ready to see some body feats you’ve never even dreamed about before.

There’s not going to be blood or guts here, and you’re not going to see violence, but if weird things freak you out you might want to take a deep breath. Because these are, certifiably, some of the physically weirdest people there are.

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