OMG! Britney Spears Just Went Brunette Again!

It appears like 2013 everywhere once more. our favourite blonde pop star Britney Spears might need simply gone brunette once more. Spears was noticed at Cecconi’s, AN Italian edifice in West Hollywood, CA, with young man surface-to-air missile Asghari. (I was simply there and that i failed to see her!) AN “eyewitness” told ET that Spears was sporting her usual uniform of white crop top—showing off the belly button ring, of course—and low-rise jeans. however what was whole totally different was her wealthy brown hair. Whoa.


I’ve continuously precious Spears as a brunette. Like most millennial, I’m an enormous fan of hers however less of an addict of her hair. The blonde hue she usually sports is commonly brassy and as you almost certainly grasp, you’ll be able to usually see the separation of her extensions. Brit deserves higher than this! It’s doable somebody got ahold of her and gave her a touch of a hair transformation. I say doable as a result of the image from the viewer could be a bit blurred. Still, it positive feels like her. “She appeared super happy, smiling and happy plenty,” the viewer told ET, adding that Spears “was with 2 security guards.”

Britney Spears Hair

I’m glad to check Spears obtaining out and touch up a delicious edifice. She recently announce a rather cryptic message on Instagram, writing concerning the stressors of living in la.

“Living in LA is such a visit !!! It will be lonely every now and then. You ne’er grasp World Health Organization to trust, and a few folks will be faux,” she wrote. “I have a really tiny circle of friends, and easily do what makes ME happy!!! It breaks my heart to check the comments on my posts generally …. therefore I merely select to not look any longer … let the clever haters do what they are doing best …. hate!!!”



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