The 10 best health and fitness apps of 2013.

10. Runtastic Six Pack Abs.

One section of the body that most people complain about not being happy with on their own body is the stomach. No matter how much we workout or how far we run, it seems like our bellies still jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. Runtastic offers the perfect workout for tummy tuckers of all levels. Whether you want abs of steal, or just to stop hanging out over your pants, you’ll find the right exercise routine to make your mid section look the way you’ve always wanted it to. There are more than 50 instructional videos with dozens of pre-defined workouts. You can customize your workout to target areas you want to work on the most. This app is available for $1.99.

We are also taking a poll from our readers on the top apps in each category. Out of the 10 apps we presented today, please cast your vote on which one is the very best. The winning app will be included on a list of the top 10 readers’ choice apps for 2013. Please take a moment to make your voice heard and tell us which health and fitness app from the list above is your favorite.


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