The Most Ridiculous Taxes in the World

The Most Ridiculous Taxes in the World.

History has taught us that it is possible to impose taxes on almost anything, though it does not always bring positive results in the form of revenue. After all, as Benjamin Franklin said: In this world only inevitable death and taxes … We present to you the 10 most ridiculous taxes in the world.

1. Belgium: tax on cooking on the grill.

In 2007, the local government of Wallonia, which is home to about 3.5 million people, have decided to tax the cooking on the grill to fight global warming …. It is believed that during the grill cooking into atmosphere from 50 to 100 grams of greenhouse gases. Therefore razhdy inhabitants of this region of Belgium before the Kindle in the backyard barbecue, must now pay a fee of EUR 20. You probably immediately think, well, they will check whether I grill or not?However, the authorities of Wallonia are taken very seriously by checking the fulfillment of the law, and help them in this helicopter with thermal imaging cameras.


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