Top 10 Fun Things To Do At CSUF

4. Play an intramural sport

Being active is not only healthy for the body, but also for the mind. Playing sports is a great way to be active and involved in the school. Students are also able to make friends while being part of a team. Cal State Fullerton offers many options to be on a team, such as basketball, softball, soccer, swimming, rugby, and more. Being a part of a team helps students to feel more at home at Cal State Fullerton and helps them find where they belong. Taking part in an intramural sport is a great opportunity and hobby for students.

5. Go to the Recreation Center on campus

The Recreation  Center is a great place for students to work out and have fun on campus. The building is two stories and consists of basketball courts, a swimming pool, rock walls, and many machines to work out on. The building is always filled with students and even the workers are students! Everyone is very helpful and nice when it comes to questions on how to use the machines, where to find equipment, and more. The Recreation Center is a great tool for students who want to be active and have fun.


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