Top 10 Fun Things To Do At CSUF

10. Food and drinks

There are many great options for food, snacks, and drinks on campus. The campus is always filled with different food trucks and smoothie/coffee stands that are hard to miss. There is a delicious cafeteria in the Titan Student Union, as well as many different Starbucks around campus. Cal State Fullerton students are plentiful in options when it comes to food and drinks, which makes the school all the more awesome.

There are many activities at Cal State Fullerton that are entertaining and fun to students. Although a lot of students have busy school and work schedules, students are able to enjoy the little, yet beautiful things about the campus and find new things to do or see. Being active on campus will help students to find their home and feel more comfortable.

I attend Cal State Fullerton and love to share my experiences, stories, and thoughts. I love being able to give other college students advice and help 🙂


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