Top 10 Latest Must Have Tech Gadgets of 2018

Top 10 Latest Must Have Tech Gadgets of 2018

1. 5-Port USB Charging Station | Useful Gadget 2018

It is a geek world where almost every month we hear about the launch and release of new gadgets, smartphones and devices from across the globe. Big brands are running a race where they want to surpass and subdue other leading brands offering their high class tech devices. Well today I am giving you a clue that what top 10 latest must have tech gadgets are in fashion for the year 2018.

You know it is difficult when you have siblings and a huge family but having little ports to charge up your smartphones all in one go. Here I have something exciting, a USB port that gives you 7 slots for smartphones and tablet. Feel easy and use them to charge your phones simultaneously with safe USB charging station.

2. Handheld Mobile Portable Document scanner 1050 DPI | Technology Gadget 2018

Gone are the times when people used to have huge scanners at their workplaces or at their homes. Now the market has introduced portable scanners that are easy to carry and work so smartly. This portable, handheld scanner is so apt for the businessmen, students and travelers etc. It magically and digitally converts your color or black & white photos, receipts and books into digital files. Now you can yourself scan images with up to 1050 DPI resolution and save them directly to a SD memory card. It for sure is a must have for 2018.


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