Top 12 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Top 12 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Vacations are an essential and much-awaited element of any person’s boring, mundane life. They liberate a person from his day to day agonies and present an opportunity to make some crazy, joyful memories with people that truly matter.

1. Shell Beach, Australia

The name says it all, now doesn’t it? Located in Western Australia, this beach is simply marvelous in its own unique way. All across its vast stretches, you will not find any sand, as the entire 68-miles long coastline is scattered with billions of tiny cockle shells, which wash up on its shores, year after year.

This mesmerizing beach is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to the shells, of course, and also to the abundant marine life it supports. The surrounding waters are home to a variety of exotic species like dugongs, a variety of sponges, cockles, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and whale sharks.


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